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Fingerprinting CSS


  • $ fingerprint@info:~ echo $CSS-FINGERPRINTING
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    CSS Fingerprinting

    Original feature purpose:

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, RFC 2318) is a style sheet language and describes the presentation (e.g. fonts, colors and spacing) of structured documents. In general, CSS allows to define and modify the style of HTML elements.


    So far, CSS has 4 different levels denoted as CSS 1, CSS 2, CSS 3, and CSS 4. Each level of CSS builds upon the last. Both, CSS and web browsers evolved, and different browsers and their versions do not support all CSS functionalities equally consistent. Thus, one browser's CSS feature support rate is distinguishable from another browser's. The higher the maxium achievable support rate, the higher the measurable differences in the browser supports. Given a comprehensive CSS feature test, it is possible to distinguish browser and browser versions.




    js, html5, software-dependent, consistent


    CSS Fingerprinting is a specialized form of Feature Detection Fingerprinting and therefore the same counter-measures apply.


  • $ fingerprint@info:~ run css-fingerprint-demo
  • Demo:

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CSS Fingerprinting: Results

Tests passed: Tests are running...
Total tests: 2100
CSS Feature Count: 477
Your CSS Feature Hash: Tests are running...

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The test below was made from Lea Verou and is accessible via GitHub (CSS3 Test).
This CSS test is currently able to recognize 477 different CSS features with 2100 distinct tests in the browser.
The information about each test result is combined and hashed to fingerprint the browser's CSS capabilities.

The CSS3 test

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Determined by passing tests out of total for features